Friday, April 29, 2011

God Save the Queen!


At work, our illustrious art teacher
put together a FANTASTIC fete
to celebrate the nuptials.

Everyone who is ANYONE was there...

 Some gals wore their original wedding veils.

I wore Sister Too's new Easter bonnet.

A real original US princess

Sister's Social Studies class offered extra credit
for those who dressed up.

I just did it for fun.

Our party was complete with fake Kate/Diana rings.

I was mocked a bit for being so excited about the wedding.

I do love the Queen.
She reminds us that there are times to use our best manners.
And dress up.

Americans can be entirely too casual.
The Queen reminds us of our manners.

And, oh, that wedding was perfection!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

The sisters made Easter treats for the neighbors.

They dipped PEEPS in chocolate and white chocolate.

Some were tasted for quality control.

Then they were carefully packaged and delivered to the neighbors.

Some found their way to school as well.

The labels were found on-line and printed.

Hoppy Easter!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring has sprung!


No, flower petals.


This is the first year (out of 3)
the magnolia has had more than 4 blooms.
Right as the house goes for sale.

These are my little pink piggies.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bottle Cap Crafts

At school we are doing a mini economy.

So, the sisters and I made these:

We filled bottle caps with Elmer's Glue
and added beads and glitter.

Our favorites are the ones with words written in letter beads.

Then we hot glued pins onto the backs.

It is a super-cool craft,
we only used what we already had at home.

I have to decided how much to charge.
I am thinking $10.

I know, sounds expensive,
but in the mini economy we use Monopoly money.

 I painted with nail polish on the backs of these bottle caps.
They may or may not have come from beer bottles.
And that is just NOT appropriate for a school setting.


 Sister Too's lunch:

chicken salad sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes,
and a clementine.

Placed carefully in a brown paper sack.

She likes me to decorate it.

Today I wrote this:

That's right.
34 days of school left.
Now that the school day is over, we have 33.

I can hear the cottage calling now!


Girls climb trees.

And get dirty feet.

A beautiful night.
See the colors of the sky on the right?
Nearing sunset.

We are all LOVING the longer days.

*but I am missing my sleep!

Monday, April 11, 2011

More Pittsburgh


More Murals

 MILE HIGH chocolate cake! 

Sister watched TV at lunch...

Sister really loved this costume shop.

Can you see Heinz painted on the stacks to the right?

Fanta in the case,
right next to the Coke,
in glass bottles!

Like a blast from my past! 

Maybe Pittsburgh COULD be home for us.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Did you know Pittsburgh 
is a Heinz town?

The football stadium is named after Heinz.

Some places have TWO ketchups!

We visited a CHARMING place
for breakfast.


Look at all the old yearbook pictures 
on the wall.

Mr. got an omelette,
even though crepe-like pancakes are the specialty.

Sister got the chocolate-chip "Pam-cakes".

Pamela's is a local chain.
There are 5.
This one is right downtown,

Not what you think!

It is a strip of shopping,
where the old warehouses used to be.

And if you are a fan,

You are crazy enough to try a 2nd Pamela's.

Seriously~ don't you feel 
like you are in 
Happy Days?

or at Flo's?

I bet they have great milkshakes.

Seen on the street

I love those fashion things
where someone is shown in a wacky outfit.

I saw this on the street.
Duct-tape messenger bag.
Knee-high socks that resemble high top Converse.
Purple Converse sneakers,
tied together with 

Sister Too put this together on her own.