Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gifts from a friend

So, a friend gave us 
some cookies.

Sister loved these mouse cookies.

Only a little creepy, right?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cincinnati in the snow

Cincinnati is beautiful in the snow. 

There is a cool store,
Park and Vine,
which has super cool recycle
bicycle chairs,
and they are surprisingly comfortable.

Park and Vine also has a swell coffee cafe,

with super cool mobiles decorating the ceiling.

I saw Bicycle Santa, 
who told me that since I have been good this year,
he will bring me a new couch.

Mr. says not to hold my breath.

Another cool Cincinnati trick is the 
Food Truck.

We had a delicious lunch there.

I love the sweet potato fries.

The snow makes everything looks so pretty,

Even the highway back to the 'burbs.

Bob Cratchit Neckwarmer

My yarn stash and scraps have gotten out of hand.
My one basket has overflowed to 

I knitted a scarf of fisherman's wool.
I began knitting the scraps,
trying a double seed stitch for the first time.

There wasn't enough for a full scarf...

but there was enough for this:

I call it the Bob Cratchit neck warmer.

We are pretty stingy with the heat,
and Mr. needed something to keep him warm.

Doesn't he look so happy!

And toasty!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baking cookies

Rolling out the dough...


ready for the oven...

and finally,
the clean up. 

Now they all they need is icing.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Band Concert

7th Grade Band Concert

Sister is the only girl
who plays the trombone.


Angels We Have Heard on High
Popcorn Prelude
All for Chanukah

Sister spent the majority of the concert
pretending that I wasn't trying to take her photo.

She finally looked at me.

Of the 15 photos I took,
this is the single photo 
where I could see her eyes.

Lucky for me,
Sister has a friend 
who loves to have her photo taken.
So, I got this shot,
one trumpet player,
one trombone player,
wearing matching hair ties.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Homemade gingerbread

Call me crazy, but last night I wanted to make gingerbread.

Martha Stewart has a great recipe.
It was  HUGE hit last year,
so this year... repeato!(Can you tell I am taking 2nd grade Spanish lessons?)

I mixed all the wet ingredients, and all the dry 
(in different bowls, of course).
The last wet ingredient is molasses 
and of course,

I had none!

Luckily, Mr. and Kroger came to the rescue 
and by 9:15PM, we had fresh, hot gingerbread.

Sister Too brought some to her teachers this morning.

Can you guess who cut the gingerbread?