Monday, May 23, 2011

Just what we need...

My to-do list is growing,
not shrinking
and I am constantly busy these days.

We are moving to Pittsburgh
from Cincinnati
on Thursday in FOUR days 
I am working full-time each of those days.

Mr. is staying home to supervise the pack out.

The move is complicated,
of course.

THIS house must be empty on Thursday night.

NEW house isn't ready until FRIDAY, JUNE 3.

So, we are going to the cottage 
which is the only address that won't change.

We need to pack to go to the cottage as well.

The sisters went for a walk on Saturday night,
and they returned with this:

Four babies and one teenage momma.

We did our best to find them homes.

Wanna see a REAL hero?

THIS guy is a college man,
and a veteran
(I know, he seems too young for both roles, but it's true, I promise).

He took my FAVORITE of the kittens.

For keeps.

And he doesn't even wear a cape or fancy leotards.
But a hero, just the same.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kona Ice

You know about the ice cream truck,
but do you know about Kona Ice?

You first know something is different when you hear "Walking on Sunshine"
rocking through your neighborhood.

You think someone is having a party.

 When the truck enters your street,
you KNOW someone is having a party.

Just look at that truck!

THEN, after you get a lovely white snowball of shaved ice, 
You get to CHOOSE your own toppings,
from a variety of syrups.

I chose coconut and tangerine.

Sister shows her superior syrup-ing abilities.

A toast, to summer!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

See these thumbs?

One is twice the size of the other.

The day before Mother's Day,
she fell in the neighbor's garden.

Broke her growth plate.  

Here she is in the actual cast:

Fresh today.
because she has Beiber fever.

Shiny and new, and
of course,
NOT waterproof!

How inconvenient!

AND we are moving to Pittsburgh in two weeks.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

Did you know that a teacher probably
spends more time with your 
child than you do?

Really.  They are in school for 6.5 hours.

At my house, I get about 40 minutes with them in the morning...
and then about 5 hours with them at night.
Then it's off to bed.

So, we really need to appreciate those teachers!

We made these little bags of treats
because it is Teacher Appreciation Week.

They have Almond Joy, Mounds, and 100 Grand candy bars.

The tag says 
"You bring Mounds of Joy!
A day with you is better than 100 Grand!"

I know they aren't as cute as they could be,
no ribbon, no bow.

House-hunting in another state is exhausting and 
selling this one has really cramped 
our crafting.

Now, go forth,
and appreciate teachers!