Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another bakery



cakes, oh my!

If I was turning 7 again, 
my heart would beat fast for this cake:

That Barbie cake is a vision, 
and she knows it!

Mr. shows off his goods.
I do love a pretty white bakery box tied with twine.

We shared this pretty key lime tart.
It was good,
but not great.

Sweet enough but not tart enough.

And too much whip cream.

Still, that Barbie cake is in my mind...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oldie but goodie

Pittsburgh is an old city.
Older looking than Cincinnati.

For example:

It is hard to imagine that Jerry Kitman 
can modernize your home
with such old signage.

He means modern furniture.
Inside I saw rockin' zebra print dining room chairs!

Even the cars are old!

Behind the main street
is this alley
filled with gardens.

All these tiny cement back yards
carefully fenced it.

The beds have to be built
and the soil trucked in.

These people are hard-working,
 and proud,
(one woman saw me taking photos, 
and ran out to show me photos of her lilies, which were out of bloom),

they remind me of my Polish grandparents.
They are doing the best they can with what they have.

What could I do,
if I really did the BEST I could
with all that I have?

I love all these garages
and you can see, nothing in Pittsburgh is flat!

Quirky narrow alley with stairs at one end

Texture even in the roads.
Two kinds of bricks!

Every inch is planted.

Makes me miss my grandparents.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pittsburgh, for real!

Okay, now we live in Pittsburgh.

We took a break from the endless unpacking 
(and breaking things) to tour a little in our new city.

First stop:  the National Aviary

I'll bet you didn't even know we HAD a national aviary.

Neither did I.

This toucan was so exciting,
we didn't even notice the sloth sharing a cage with him.

Good thing we doubled back.
The sloth was so slow, 
we didn't miss much.

Most of the birds are in these lovely tropical gardens.

It looks like the Krohn Conservatory
but with birds.  
They are really approachable.

In the flamingo room there were owls in a cage.
It smelled in here.
Like birds.
Or rather, bird crap.

We didn't stay long.

Like I said, 
the birds were REALLY approachable.
I didn't even bring the big zoom lens.

Hello cutie penguin!
You can stand on a big rock and look down on the penguins.
There is a sign that says 
"Penguins bite".

So, I climbed up on the rock to get a good photo.
I guess the lens hanging down reminded the penguins of herring,
and it was nearly lunch time for them.
One shimmied right up to me
and SCARED THE CRAP out of me.

Mr. laughed.
But I am a rule follower
and I took the "Penguins bite" advice to heart.

Don't worry, no penguins or people were harmed during these photos.
That's because there is a big, safe clear tunnel 
to stand inside.

Lucky for us, this penguin was happy to pose.
Imagine how dumb these photos would look
if no penguin was nearby.

He looked RIGHT at me.
I felt like the penguin whisperer.

See, approachable.

I have never seen a bird like this.

This is a Kookaburra.
Mr. sang it.
The whole rest of our visit.
Except the Kookaburra never once laughed.
I guess we aren't that funny.

Aren't we just a bunch of
bird brains!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

French Bakery

Well, you knew it wouldn't be long
before we found a French bakery
in Pittsburgh.

They have macarons.
The French kind.
And they are delicious!
Beautiful and fragile,
just like in France.

Be still my beating heart!

Drooling over the goods.

I think opera cream cakes are too rich.
I know, you think someone else is writing the blog today...
but it's me.

Too rich.

So, I LOVE the pieces you can get here.
And I love the elegant script
announcing what you are about to indulge in.

For those of you wondering,
this broken window is NOT due to 
Hurricane Irene.

But the board on the window is perfect
given that we can't seem to get that song out of our heads!

Sister chose a delicious danish.

Not me!  
French bakeries make the best croissants,
and I chose the chocolate one.
For medicinal purposes, of course.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

French Laundry

I have found a beautiful place.

It is a great restaurant.
And bakery.
And coffee place.

I want one.
But not to own.
Just to enjoy.

It was crazy busy there.
We were on a schedule.
So we could only get pastries.

Like in Paris.

Lemon scones
for the refined 14 year old pallet.

Can you see those buttery, flaky layers?

So we stood there,
hillbilly picnic.


Even the flowers were lovely.

French Laundry, 
can you come to Pittsburgh?
I promise I will frequent you every day.
Well, at least every weekend.
And MOST weekdays.

Please consider it. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bay last time

I thought I'd share a few of my 
favorite Bay View cottages.

I like the color on this one,
and the oval shape to the porch.
It looks a little moorish to me.

This one...the navy blue
and lime furniture
with a touch of periwinkle.

If our cottage wasn't pink, it would be these colors.

Wanna crack up?
This is Sister Too's favorite cottage.
It's huge.
And she just learned that it is owned by a large family
and it's not for sale.
No matter.
She has a plan.
She will be an orthodontist 
and sweet talk the family into selling it to her.
Ah, to be young and optimistic.

This cottage is always so festive.

I love the sunset in the background.

Another famous double porch.

This one is curious.
It looks old, but has a weird 50's addition
that doesn't quite seem to "go".
Aren't those doors beautiful?

As I was walking around, 
I saw this bride and groom walking through a tunnel of sparklers.
How fun!

Next time I get married, I am totally doing that.

Are you listening Mr.?

This cottage got a new paint job this summer.

I love the ever so pale grey
and the bold red!  

There is another door on the porch that is also red.
The geraniums set the whole thing off.
So clever!