Friday, August 26, 2011

Bay last time

I thought I'd share a few of my 
favorite Bay View cottages.

I like the color on this one,
and the oval shape to the porch.
It looks a little moorish to me.

This one...the navy blue
and lime furniture
with a touch of periwinkle.

If our cottage wasn't pink, it would be these colors.

Wanna crack up?
This is Sister Too's favorite cottage.
It's huge.
And she just learned that it is owned by a large family
and it's not for sale.
No matter.
She has a plan.
She will be an orthodontist 
and sweet talk the family into selling it to her.
Ah, to be young and optimistic.

This cottage is always so festive.

I love the sunset in the background.

Another famous double porch.

This one is curious.
It looks old, but has a weird 50's addition
that doesn't quite seem to "go".
Aren't those doors beautiful?

As I was walking around, 
I saw this bride and groom walking through a tunnel of sparklers.
How fun!

Next time I get married, I am totally doing that.

Are you listening Mr.?

This cottage got a new paint job this summer.

I love the ever so pale grey
and the bold red!  

There is another door on the porch that is also red.
The geraniums set the whole thing off.
So clever!

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  1. Wow so beautiful, it all looks so different in the Summer. I am used to seeing it all covered in Snow.