Thursday, August 25, 2011


Okay, here is a sunset.

Taken at Sunset Park,
where many people 
(including me) 
go to watch the beautiful sunsets.

THIS (below) is a sunrise.

Taken at 6:30AM.


That means morning
while I am on vacation
in Bay View.
It is EARLY.

And so beautiful.
And deserted.
Here is the sail house again.
All to myself.

I love that dang sail house.
Maybe next year I'll learn to sail.

I love when the moon and the sun are both out.

Mornings in Bay View are really lovely.
Maybe I'll learn to be a morning person,
so I can see more of these.


It's too late for this summer,
but it's on my list for next year.

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  1. When does school start? Mason has been in for a week now.