Saturday, August 20, 2011


My first FIBER Festival!

I loved it!  
I didn't buy anything...
because I have a new rule:
knit the yarn I already have
before I buy anything new.

But I was tempted...

Hello sherbet colors!

I wanted to felt balls from these.
Who knows what I would do with felted balls,
but as I have not learned how to spin,
that's all I could think of to do with all this lovely fiber.

This fiber was SO soft.
Next year I am getting me some.

It comes from this cutie:

I want one of these too.
BUt then I would HAVE to learn to spin,
and I don;t have time to learn a new skill right now.

Mr. would say I don't have the money either.
Who asked him?

THere was lots of fiber from these alpacas.
They were sweetly tempered.
It was a HOT day
so I didn't bother them too much.
They wanted to be inside anyway.  
Their owners were inside the door
and they were like shy toddlers
trying to get next to them.
It was adorable.

Seriously, these alpaca fibers are dyed
with Kool-AID!
It's supposed to be more "organic" and "safe"
less chemicals.
Who know it would be SO BRIGHT!

We did get to felt our own bookmarks.

Sister Too proudly shows hers off.

Can't wait for my next fiber fix
but first I have some knitting to do!

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