Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farmer Sue comes to visit

Farmer Sue cam all the way from the thumb
for some Bay View culture.

I put her to work.

These lamps were too busy
and for a cottage, we needed some RESTFUL lamps.

So, out comes the white spray paint.

I LOVE white spray paint.

Poor Farmer Sue, she had never spray painted before.

I let her have a go at it.

Not bad!

The sisters don't like the new and improved white lamps.
I love them.
And so does Farmer Sue.
So there.

I gave her a snack (chocolate croissant) 
and I let her swing in the hammock.
It was her vacation, after all.

And then, I let her watch the sunset.
Sunsets are beautiful here.

Thank goodness for tripods.
We both were there.
It was a little cool at night.
Just how I like it.

People say that's worth a million dollars.
I think it's priceless.

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