Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Growing up...writing!

We write letters.
Actual letters.

Sister is writing to a beloved summer friend.

Sister Too is corresponding to her friend...
who lives in France.
She reads first the letter she received,
then she writes back.

I, too like to write letters.
And finding a handwritten address among the bills and advertisements
 in the mailbox 
is always a treasure.

I'm glad the sisters are learning the same good habits.

both sisters are wearing hand-knitted hand warmers
made by yours truly.

First, I want to say I am ever so proud to have made them,
the yarn is so fine
and the needles smaller than I am used to.

in these Scrooge-y days,
when we live on a budget...
we need them! 

I just finished a beret for myself.
Next on the needles: the matching scarf.

But right after that, if it is still cold,
I shall make hand warmers for Mr. and me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


When in the North,
one does as they do.

So we went snowshoeing.

Of course, the sisters practically sprinted.

And never fell.

Mr. and I fell several times,
and fell FAR, FAR behind.

 The silence in the woods is so complete.
I enjoyed the peace. 
And the quiet.

I don't remember ever hearing that kind of silence before.
I could hear the tree limbs cracking
as they swayed in the breeze.

I wonder if I am officially OLD.
I didn't used to be able
to appreciate


Now I can.

Mr. didn't enjoy snowshoeing as much as I did.

Notice he is CARRYING one of his snowshoes.
And the other foot is buried in the snow.

I had to help him put it on several times.
I accidentally led him the wrong way, the LONG way
through the woods.

Remember sailing?

This is the payback.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nearly to the North Pole!

We took a cold, snowy, and dark walk
in a place where the sun doesn't rise until after 8:00AM.

Mr. is always impressed with this snow pile.

I love this photo.
It looks black and white,
but it isn't.

The light is just so magical in the early morning.
I hate to get up early to use it!

Look at that handsome dog in his homemade sweater.

Whole town, all tucked in for winter. 

Music runs in the family

Did you know the saw
could be played as a musical instrument?


Here is our Aunt Mary playing.
It was lovely and strange and erie.

It belonged to her father.

And then, she gave the first lesson to the next generation.

It was magical to be there.

I should note that this is Mr.'s family.
I appreciate music,
but can't play myself.

Christmas Dinner

We went NORTH for the holidays.

Far north.
10  1/2 hours north,
by car.

To be with our family.

Here we are making the Christmas toast.

A lovely pear salad on great-grandma's china.

Grandpa likes to be seated next to the rolls.

Pretty cousins at dinner.

All thanks to our lovely hostess:

Also, you know our cutie little 8lb. dog, Gus?

He came to Christmas too.
He's not usually considered fierce, 

But Lucy, the resident cat, didn't agree.

She hid on top of the refrigerator 
just to be sure there was enough space 
between her and Gus.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Morning comes early...

We heard the first shrieks of Christmas at 4:30AM.

But the kids had to hold out until 6:30AM.

Practically painful.
Santa was generous this year.

Even the grown-ups were good enough to get presents.

The enthusiasm of our teenager
was hard to contain,
note the homemade finger warmers
her mother knitted for her.
(That's me!)

Thankfully our cheerful cousins
shared the Christmas spirit. 

Mr. got some cool technology cleaning putty.
Gets the gunk out. 

Of course, he goofed off with it.

which he couldn't wait to use.

Our Christmas was merry.
How about yours?

Dry Ice

An important package arrived recently
containing the MOST important cargo...


Sister Too had a great time making magic.

We will have to get some for Halloween,
for sure!