Thursday, January 13, 2011


When in the North,
one does as they do.

So we went snowshoeing.

Of course, the sisters practically sprinted.

And never fell.

Mr. and I fell several times,
and fell FAR, FAR behind.

 The silence in the woods is so complete.
I enjoyed the peace. 
And the quiet.

I don't remember ever hearing that kind of silence before.
I could hear the tree limbs cracking
as they swayed in the breeze.

I wonder if I am officially OLD.
I didn't used to be able
to appreciate


Now I can.

Mr. didn't enjoy snowshoeing as much as I did.

Notice he is CARRYING one of his snowshoes.
And the other foot is buried in the snow.

I had to help him put it on several times.
I accidentally led him the wrong way, the LONG way
through the woods.

Remember sailing?

This is the payback.

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