Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Growing up...writing!

We write letters.
Actual letters.

Sister is writing to a beloved summer friend.

Sister Too is corresponding to her friend...
who lives in France.
She reads first the letter she received,
then she writes back.

I, too like to write letters.
And finding a handwritten address among the bills and advertisements
 in the mailbox 
is always a treasure.

I'm glad the sisters are learning the same good habits.

both sisters are wearing hand-knitted hand warmers
made by yours truly.

First, I want to say I am ever so proud to have made them,
the yarn is so fine
and the needles smaller than I am used to.

in these Scrooge-y days,
when we live on a budget...
we need them! 

I just finished a beret for myself.
Next on the needles: the matching scarf.

But right after that, if it is still cold,
I shall make hand warmers for Mr. and me.

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