Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Day

I woke up today at 6:15AM.


Sister catches the bus at 6:38AM.

We decided to try and make the bus.

I scrambled to make her a breakfast sandwich
 (thanks Aunt Denise for the recipe),
while Mr. skated to the mailbox for the paper.


Usually we get a helpful phone call from the school
to announce delays or closings.
The kids love that voice.
Today she failed.

I checked the website to find a 2-hour delay.

Then, only an hour later...


We already have to make up one snow day.
In the summer.
On our vacation.

This is makes two days.

I really resent having to make up days in the summer.
GRRR.  And I mean it!

In the ice, even the ground is pretty.

ornamental grasses

Mr.'s garden pig looks encased in glass.

 bottle tree icicles

Even Mr.'s  patio lights are pretty.
I hate them.  I think it looks trashy.
He thinks it looks like a bistro.

I am knitting up my yarn stash.
This is something pretty
for a little girl I know
who is having a birthday soon.

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  1. Pretty pictures. I hope you have a Happy Birthday today. HUGZ!!