Thursday, August 5, 2010


Whitecaps in Little Traverse Bay today.

Mr. says it is too windy for the "big" boat, 
we will sail in the two person Sunfish.

Seems dubious to me, 
I suggest an afternoon on land.

But Mr. insists.

Here we are (I'm in the hat) being offered rescue by the kite surfer.
Naturally no one got the photo of us actually sailing.

No excitement there.

we had to swim in and the boat was towed.
Because the boom broke.
in half.

We made it safely back to shore.

Hat and all.


  1. Hail to the mighty hat! Still can't believe it stayed on. A funny adventure on the windiest day of the summer. I must say I am glad no one was hurt and that is why we laugh. You guys are awesome to be able to laugh at yourselves, not everyone could. Next time look out to see if anyone else is on the bay sailing a sunfish...successfully.

  2. you know only a "vibrant lady" could manage a hat, sunglasses and a smile (that would certainly not go all the way to the bedroom) in this scenario. karl i was hoping to see a picture of you too! :)