Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Northern Lights?

Last night I was told the Northern Lights would be visible
from 11PM-2AM.
I was all over it.

Mr. and I searched for a good tri-pod place on the beach.

These shots used a 30-second shutter speed.

I was so excited.

Then Mr. rained on my parade.

"It's lightning."

Still a pretty amazing show.
I sat there for about 30 minutes,
looking North,
watching it all.

I could never capture the best parts.

Then the clouds rolled in,
but it didn't rain
or cool off.


  1. We saw those too! I was hoping it would be northern lights, but the lightning was amazing anyway.


  2. wow! does this happen only in the summer?
    phil sent me this link

  3. lightning or lights we love it....