Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the 'hood

I LOVE my summer house.

No, really.

IN my neighborhood there are these great neighbors.
Really great.
And the nice thing about living here is
no one EVER moves away.
Hardly ever.
Families stay here for generations.

So, these kids,
who I LOVE
will probably NEVER move away.
And someday I will get to love their kids too.

Bay View is someplace special.

So, one Saturday I hear hammering
because the neighbor across the street (Jim) is building bike racks.
'Cause he's that kind of guy.

This is Will.
He lives down the street.
He raced down with his protective head gear
when he heard the construction.
He wanted to help
'cause he's that kind of guy.

Jim is no dummy.
He enlisted this strong pair
to do the heavy lifting.

This is Will's mom.
She and I did what most gals would do.
We took pictures.
But neither of us lifted a finger to help.
"Cause we're that kind of girls!

After the building,
the boys did what most buys do:

Of course, the big sisters were jealous of all the attention,
so they snuck into a photo
and brought their dolls too!

These are my two favorite smiles.
These two kept the tooth fairy busy this summer.
Know what the tooth fairy brings in Bay View?


And down come the twins, 
to supervise the work as well.

Life is sweeter in Bay View.

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