Monday, May 23, 2011

Just what we need...

My to-do list is growing,
not shrinking
and I am constantly busy these days.

We are moving to Pittsburgh
from Cincinnati
on Thursday in FOUR days 
I am working full-time each of those days.

Mr. is staying home to supervise the pack out.

The move is complicated,
of course.

THIS house must be empty on Thursday night.

NEW house isn't ready until FRIDAY, JUNE 3.

So, we are going to the cottage 
which is the only address that won't change.

We need to pack to go to the cottage as well.

The sisters went for a walk on Saturday night,
and they returned with this:

Four babies and one teenage momma.

We did our best to find them homes.

Wanna see a REAL hero?

THIS guy is a college man,
and a veteran
(I know, he seems too young for both roles, but it's true, I promise).

He took my FAVORITE of the kittens.

For keeps.

And he doesn't even wear a cape or fancy leotards.
But a hero, just the same.

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  1. Have a safe, worry-free move and know that we are thinking of you!