Friday, December 3, 2010

Homemade gingerbread

Call me crazy, but last night I wanted to make gingerbread.

Martha Stewart has a great recipe.
It was  HUGE hit last year,
so this year... repeato!(Can you tell I am taking 2nd grade Spanish lessons?)

I mixed all the wet ingredients, and all the dry 
(in different bowls, of course).
The last wet ingredient is molasses 
and of course,

I had none!

Luckily, Mr. and Kroger came to the rescue 
and by 9:15PM, we had fresh, hot gingerbread.

Sister Too brought some to her teachers this morning.

Can you guess who cut the gingerbread?


  1. And her teachers LOVED it! Thanks for always sharing your amazing goodies (and the recipes!)

    Amy Sheets