Sunday, June 6, 2010

The BIG Reveal

You have probably already heard...

we bought the most adorable
and tiniest cottage
in September.

So charming 
and old (built in 1888, I think)
and since the back of the cottage was sinking,
it made the most unique oval shaped pancakes.

Mr. insisted the foundation be re-built.

Then she got a paint job.

Here she is in early May...
you can see the criss-cross woodwork
highlighted in her new cream trim.

Her stairs have been widened
to make for a more gracious porch.

The green and pink stripes 
accentuate the porch.

(Can you see the fainter shade 
of green on the porch ceiling?)

Even the tiny little "teeth" 
above the window got the treatment.

If you look closely in this photo
you can see the furniture stacked
sky high in the living room.

We CAN'T wait to go.

Three more days of jail
Do you think we will make it?

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