Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas spoiler!

I am trying to make Christmas more meaningful.
For me, this means homemade gifts.
I'm a working gal,
and I volunteer a lot.

I have to start early.

Here are the scarves
and my poor attempt to block them.

One stubbornly continues to curl.

Sister kindly modeled this baby hat.
(4 hours of knitting)

She selected this red hat and scarf pattern
for herself.
(9 hours of knitting)

Little Sister requested this blue one.
(9 hours of knitting)

This hat is for a little girl I know...
 (8 hours of knitting)

Another special little girl
will receive this set
(7 hour of knitting )

This is a man's scarf,
made with fisherman's wool.

It's special because the wool can get wet
and it stays warm anyway!
It's because of the lanolin still in the wool.
(14 hours of knitting very small stitches)

And finally, this little boy's hat.
For someone special.
(4 hours of knitting)

The hours of knitting might seem exaggerated
but they are NOT.
In fact, several projects took much longer
because I had to knit them and take them out several times.

I am not a great knitter
but I love it.
I love giving the gift of warmth
from my own hands.

An added bonus:
I knit with Grandma Kondracki's needles.
Our hands are connected through time
by the needles
love enough for someone else to knit for them.

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