Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Woman's Council

Woman's Council meets once a week.
We have a business meeting,
a program, 
and a tea.

This program was about "Generations"
and the trends associated with them.

ladies listening raptly,

I love the tea.

Everything is so perfect and dainty.
THe most delicious pineapple punch was served.

So refreshing!

It's not just for ladies.
Mr. came too!


  1. What was Mr. doing at the woman's council tea?

  2. I didn't want to brag...but the speaker is Mr.'s dad. He is a retired professor and gave a wonderful lecture. It looks like we stocked the crowd, in the first photo of the crowd, the woman in RED looking at the camera is Mr.'s mom. However, you can see that there were also people there we are NOT related to!