Saturday, February 13, 2010

In the Mail

This is my oldest friend.
She is not really OLD, but I have known her longer than I haven't. We are like sisters. We still giggle insanely when we are together. We met in sewing class. She was a straight "A" student. Not in sewing class. I did her sewing to help her pass. That's right...we CHEATED. In SEWING CLASS.

We grew up 2.3 miles apart, in a small city.
I am a reluctant suburbanite who has lived in big cities.
She lives on 40 acres with a mule.

I still love to sew. I love to knit. I love the satisfaction of giving a gift that was made with love by my own hands. I love the process of taking one fine strand of yarn and weaving it into something someone can wear.

She loves it too. But she loves it BETTER when I do the work. She is one of the few who really appreciates the work that goes into the crafting. And so, for her birthday (36, just like me), I have knitted her THIS red hat and scarf.

The hat pattern is from Real Simple magazine, about 8 years ago. The scarf is a simple garter with ribbed ends.

I love how even my knitting has become.

Sister (12 1/2 years) is a reluctant model. You can hardly see her face.
That's how it is when you are 12 1/2.
Or so I am learning.

Happy Birthday Farmer Sue!