Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friendly Swap

I work with a very fine lady.
She is rather talented.
I don't know her very well.
But man, can she craft!
So, for Valentine's Day, I proposed a little swap.
I would make her something,
and she would make me something.
I WISH I would have taken a photo of my gift to her.
A throw pillow.
With a dachshund silhouette and red pom pom fringe.
You can imagine it.

My friend made me THIS wonderful bag:

And inside was THIS:

for holding scissors, and this:

for my tissues and THIS:

which opens to this:

and finally, this adorable "tweet",
too adorable to open,
filled with chocolates.

What will she think of next?

1 comment:

  1. how very thoughtful of your friend..
    lots of sweet details..the little daisy ..
    i'm thinking that with a little could slip a thin lip gloss and maybe some
    mascara in with your pencils ....hehe
    am enjoying your precious blog..and getting so crafty ideas too !!
    thank you from florida..
    jackie :)