Friday, March 12, 2010

I am a good mother!

We started last spring with two hives.
One survived.
That is a BIG DEAL.
News flash, for those of you who don't know it:
bees are in trouble. Worse, we don't exactly know why.
Our bee club was predicting 60% loss.
So, we count ourselves successful for keeping one alive.

This is a dangerous time for our bees.
Nothing is in bloom yet.
We are feeding them.
Yummy sugar water and...
(because our bees are spoiled pets)
pollen patties with Honey Bee Healthy (bee vitamins).

This is the bag of tools we use at the bee yard.
Mr. is reaching for a bee brush.
It's very soft.
In my limited experience, if you are GENTLE with your bees,
they will be gentle with you.

We name our queens.
They are pets after all!
Last year we started with Queen Elizabeth I and Marie Antoinette.
We thought if someone didn't make it, it would be Marie.
We were wrong.
Elizabeth was succeeded by Catherine the Great.
She wasn't so great.
But Marie Antoinette is doing well.
So far.
Maybe this year we'll have honey.

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