Thursday, September 23, 2010

90 degrees

Okay. so it was 90 degrees out today.
On September 23.
School picture day.
High humidity=bad hair day for me.
Second year in a row.
I'm only a little bitter.

Last year when I gave Mr. one of MY school pictures he advised me to get re-takes.
Yeah, we have been married a LONG time.

So, what is a girl to do in this oppressive heat?


Here are a few I've gone through recently.

Julia Child My Life in France: I loved it.  
I saw the movie Julie and Julia and I found I only enjoyed the Julia part, 
(even though I do love Amy Adams).
I have been to France. 
 I love it there.  
More than Italy.
So I loved this book, and you will too.

Wendy Burton Dead End Gene Pool:  Good read.
I adore the Gilded Age.  
I have often thought I was meant to live in those times
even though I would probably have been lucky just to be a maid.
Wendy is the great Commodore's great-great-great-great granddaughter
and she dishes about the family.
And how there is little money left on her side.
It's a little dark, a little funny and a little sad.  

Kristin Chenowith A Little Bit Wicked: Hmm, light.
Super fast read, not much new information, 
unless you didn't know she was trained as an opera singer.

Judith Matloff  Homegirl:  New York Times writer.
about buying a house in Harlem and rehabbing it, 
with drug dealers hanging out on the front stoop.
This gal's got chutzpah.
It's not at all a romantic story of a house turned into a home.
It's gritty and real.

Carole Raziwill  What Remains:  absolutely tender.
I read Just Jackie recently
and while crawling around on the bottom shelf
I was curious abotu this book, as I know that Lee Raziwill is Jackie's sister.
Carole is Lee's son Anthony's wife.
Carole and Anthony were married 5 years and Anthony died of cancer.
This is the tender story of tragic loss.
Reviews on-line were sometimes mean.
It was suggested that the only readers were interested
in reading about JFK Jr. and Caroline Bissett,
who are also included in the story.

It is a lovely story, but it is not about them.
You should read it.
I cried.
It is lovely, raw, and sometimes ugly.
Just like cancer, love, and loss.
If I ever see Carole Raziwill on the street
I will hug her.

So, that's what I've been doing.
How about you?

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