Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Breakfast of champions

 Someone is having a birthday.
11 years old

We like to have cake for breakfast
because it is a special day.

But now we have a middle schooler (Sister)
who catches a bus at 6:38  AM
which is early.
I'm sorry, I meant to say TOO EARLY.

She blew out her candles all in one breath.

I hope her wish comes true.

In case you are wondering, 
this cake was the most complicated ever for the busy week we have had 
(and it's only Wednesday).
Luckily I am a planner and I started several days ago.
It has TWO homemade icings.
And the cake is so fragile and moist (and delicious) that it must be frozen before you can manipulate it.

Just like a peanut butter cup

In case you are wondering what makes an 11 year old heart beat fast...
she was thrilled to receive 
a Petoskey stone necklace
and an iHome for the iPod.

The sleepover extravaganza will be this weekend.
Thankfully, we have George to console us.
And a brand new shipment of capsules.

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