Monday, November 7, 2011

Cincinnati Football

Our friends came to Cincinnati
to see a University of Cincinnati football game.

Folks here called it the University of Pittsburgh game.
Pitt for short.

First, we tailgated.

We suck at tailgating.

These people put on a spread.
With linens.
And flowers.

I liked their style.

Some Pitt Alumni were playing the fight song
with their fancy Pitt band horns and flags.

They played for beers1

There were about a million high school bands there too.
They got to play at half-time.
They were so proud.

Our new city is awesome!

I love the giant ketchups on the Heinz scoreboard.

Here's our crew...

The band lines up:

And they can spell.

As the evening got colder, we layered up.
Here's Mr. wearing his handsome hat.
Knitted by ME!
It's the Irish Hiking Hat.

Not usually my thing, 
but it was TONS of fun!

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