Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I love presents.


And there is one waiting for me.
At Erin's house. 

Won't you BE BRAVE?

Do you like to receive cool handmade gifts?  Do you like to give handmade gifts and bring joy through those gifts?  Do you want to join a project and BRING JOY EXPONENTIALLY through handmade gifts?

This project stems from a Facebook challenge that I participated in last year, in which I received one handmade gift from one person and in turn "paid it forward" by giving five handmade gifts to five people (and those five people were to each give to five people, growing the project exponentially and indefinitely).

Here's my adaptation of the project, to be carried through, by threes, via the blog world.

the fun begins

If you would like to participate, please leave a comment below.

The first three people to respond and show commitment
to the project will receive a handmade gift from me!!!

Post this project on your own blog--feel free to cut n' paste.
Gather three new participants and be willing / prepared
to follow through with the "Pay It Forward" part!!!

Please link back to this original post:
and I, in turn, will include a link to your post
so that we can follow the project from its origin.

I will give you a (small, simple, heartfelt) handmade gift.
Make sure to email me your full name and address.

In turn, give (small, simple, heartfelt) handmade gifts
to your participants, and let the joy grow exponentially!!!

(please only enter under one blog... give more than you receive!)


Just two of the MANY participants already:
1. April  at April Cole's Studio
2. Eric at

3. Pam at Paper Majik

All done, THANKS!

I know you want it.

Be brave! 
Pay It Forward.
It feels good!

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