Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be mine?

Happy Valentine's Day!

We started our day with 
delicious *heart* shaped pancakes.

Free hand so a little wonky.

It's okay; it adds to the charm.

Using this recipe,
I measured out all ingredients last night.
Left out the eggs and milk too.

Mixed it all together this morning.

(that tip is for the folks who wonder
"how do I do it?"...
now you know)

Poor Sister Too lost her birthstone earring
over Christmas while sledding.
No hope of finding it.

She got a replacement today.

Notice, there is only ONE earring on that card.

Sister needed a back scrubber
which will double as a microphone in the shower.

I know it seems lame, 
but she was totally psyched!

And finally,
Mr. got this lovely PINK ice cream scoop
because we didn't have one at the cottage.

Sister is noticing that lots of holidays
are turned into opportunities to 
get something for the cottage.

Hmmm...Mrs. is sneaky.

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