Saturday, June 11, 2011


This is my adorable PINK cottage.

I think we will name it the QUIMBY.
Because in Old English, Quimby means: lady's manor.
And this cottage houses THREE ladies all summer:
Sister, Sister Too, and me.

Also, the street I grew up on was called Quimby.


I've been working on the garden.

Actually, WE have been working on the garden.

For a whole week. 

Here is MR. and his brother,
literally moving the earth
for me and my garden.  

That is 7 cubic yards of SOIL
(gardeners don't use dirt, they use soil)
in two piles.

It is like parking a car of soil in your front yard.

Look what we did with it.

We started with the birdbath centerpiece.

Sister wanted the path, 
and she was right!

I'm glad we collaborate.

Grandma loves the lupine, 
so we got 5.

Sister Too found the little acorns separating the lavender.

I know, beautiful.

Here it is when we bought it.

Much improved?


  1. Wow Michelle it looks great! You pointed out the lavendar and lupines, it looks like you have some salvia but from the pictures I am not sure what the shrubs and other things are. What else did you put in? It all looks wonderful!

  2. I will post a plant list maybe tomorrow, along with a drawing of the plan.