Saturday, June 18, 2011

My crazy life

Do you know what this is?

I'll bet you're thinking: painting tape.

Sort of.
It's really a signal,
to the movers:

Did you know Mr. was out of work,
for almost a year?

And he found a new position,
for a company that he LOVES?

Which means, we had to move.

9 times in 14 years. 
We are gypsies.

So we sold the house in Cincinnati (thankfully, in this market)
and bought a house in Pittsburgh.

We were kicked out of our Cincinnati house on May 27, 
but Pittsburgh wouldn't have us until June 3.
So, we did what any cottager would do:
quit my job, pulled the kids out of school 5 days early,
and headed NORTH!

Of course, Mr. came too, 
made sure we had water,
and heat,
and soil for the new garden.
Then he headed back to Pittsburgh.
Someone has to pay for all this!

So we girls are here,
installing gardens and breaking windows.

Hurray for us!

Back to the blue tape:
wondering what was so important it couldn't be packed?

I put it in my coffee,
on my cereal,
on a spoon.

Isn't it beautiful
(and tasty)!

Tastes like home.

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