Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quimby Garden

I keep a journal of the cottage.

I record the work we have done,
(and the cost).

The visitors we have, when we open, when we close, 
all the good stuff.

Here is the drawing I did
of the Quimby garden 
(because some people are asking).

The plant list:

6 boxwoods
4 annabelle hydrangeas
10 lady's mantle
6 pink thread-leaf coreopsis
3 foxgloves
4 peonies
10 astillbes
12 daisies
12 coneflowers
5 limelight hydrangeas
7 lavender
5 salvia
2 flats of cosmos
1 flat of tall snapdragons
few odd annuals like dahlias (Sister Too couldn't resist)

I originally planned 5 David Austin rosebushes
I love them,
I planted some in Cincinnati.

They have a beautiful scent
and are easy to care for.

BUT...it was too late to ship bare-root roses.

So, I agonized and formed a committee
(Mr., Mr's mom, sympathetic garden center lady Marilyn)
and decided NOT to plant something else,
but to wait (an agonizing wait)
until next year.
So I can have what I REALLY want.

I planted a bunch of annuals instead.

In the end, I may be glad for the all-season color.
Or, I want those roses!

This garden is just a baby.  
In three years, it will really be something.


  1. Love it! Are the David Austen roses the ones that I mistaked for peonies at Joann's? A rookie mistake, but they do seem quite similar.

  2. Vanessa:
    Yes, David Austin roses are from old stock. They are bred for hardiness and scent, but NOT for beauty, the way the single, long stem hybrids are. I prefer the organic and full flowers David Austin's give, and the scent is AMAZING. Most garden centers don't carry them, so you must order them from David Austin's website or catalog. I have favorites, so if you plan to do it, let me know!