Monday, June 13, 2011


We love drinks.
Like, to go out for drinks.
We love coffee shops,
and cafes.

I think that is one reason why Paris was so PERFECT for our family.

Mr.  won't you please take us back?

While out recently,
the sisters discovered sparkling lemonade.


It comes in yellow AND pink.

Look at those lovely Eiffel Towers on the lables.

These bottles are now in the kitchen window.

Grandma had her first French-press coffee.

We made her press it herself.
She was unsure of it,
but we wanted her to try it.

She liked it.

I think she even liked that I drank all of mine
and HALF of hers.

I have been "enjoying" Grandpa's coffee,
which is rather thin,
and brings immediately to mind the phrase we heard in France,
that American coffee is like "sock juice".
I have wondered who's socks are being used.

I am missing George, 
our espresso maker.

Here at the cottage I am "camping" and using a stove espresso maker. 

It is NOT George,
but okay.

Especially if I add real cream.


P.S.  Sister took the photos of Grandma and the French-press.
Nice job!

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  1. You named your espresso maker? When did you go to France? Coffee shops are the best.