Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This little piggie...

Graduation 2011...
Pig Roast

Here is the "chef"
who woke at 5am to get the pig started.
Lunch was served at 2pm.

I don't eat meat.
And I felt sorry for this piggie.
Especially when I heard he was fed candy before he died.
And, it clearly did not work.

The roasted pig was place on a standard picnic table.

Expert "pullers" 
to make the pork into pulled pork sandwiches
with BBQ

 not Heinz brand

We *heart* Heinz!

Mrs.,  where is your cutie little dog?

Under the picnic table having a bacon grease shower!
(see comment above about me NOT liking meat)

Totally disgusting.
I told him he couldn't ride home with me.
He didn't care.

And, I heard him snorting greedily
as he tried to lick the grease
off EVERY blade of grass
under that picnic table. 

I tossed him in for a swim,
which just made him WET and GREASY.
And mad at me.

It took 2 baths to get him clean.
First with shampoo.
(didn't work) 
Next with Dawn.
(did work).

My dog has no manners.

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  1. I had no idea you didn't eat meat. They just did a story about how Kroger gets its pork from Farms that abuse the animals. But I did see a story on the news also about knitting bombers you have to see it you will love it. Check it all out on In response to if the bees are helping out I don't really know. We have only seen one bee in the garden this Summer. 7 of the 8 tomato plants have set fruit. The squashes are having trouble again but they have had tons of male blossoms and no female blossoms so we will see what happens.