Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More garden

The first path in the garden
leads to the hammock,
the single best investment 
made so far.

One side is liked with Lady's Mantle
which I love for it's beautiful foliage
and delicate chartreuse flowers.

Peony not quite in bloom.


It's leaves are poisonous, 
and I joke that if the girls are naughty, 
I might serve them a foxglove salad...

 Lupine, Grandma's favorite.
I saw some in a garden, 
it was big enough to be a shrub!

Let's hope these grow big and strong too.

I love cosmos,
and they are annuals so they will fill in all the gaps of our baby garden

Lupine, close up.

Flower boxes
and the age of the cottage on the sign in the window.

I have two pots to welcome visitors.
This year I snuck some Basil in with the flowers.

I am SO glad I did!
Last night I had pesto with pasta for dinner.
And for breakfast, I had leftover pesto/pasta mixed with eggs.
The fresh basil flavor,
the crunchy pasta,
the soft eggs.

Plant basil,
eat well,
welcome summer!

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  1. Vanessa:
    Yes, David Austin roses are from old stock. They are bred for hardiness and scent, but NOT for beauty, the way the single, long stem hybrids are. I prefer the organic and full flowers David Austin's give, and the scent is AMAZING. Most garden centers don't carry them, so you must order them from David Austin's website or catalog. I have favorites, so if you plan to do it, let me know!