Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pittsburgh...where you feel old

Yesterday I learned there is a
BIG difference
between 28 and 38.

While getting my hair cut,
I overheard a conversation
between two women, 
both age 28.

"I mean, I'm not, like, trying to find someone.
I'm happy, like, being single and everything.
I mean, I have fun and everything"

Between the two of them,
 three words couldn't be 
strung together 
without "like" or "everything".

Oh, they were delightful.
I didn't envy the single girl,
having so much fun.

I'd rather be home with Mr.
drinking tea
and knitting.

But I did suddenly feel my age.

Poor Mr.
He is the oldest person in his office.
The people he works with are young.
I didn't understand until I drove 
him and some other guys around one afternoon. 

Bet you didn't know I sometimes drive a taxi.
Okay, you probably knew.
I do have two kids.

Anyway, the guys wanted to be let out
to pick up some lunch.
After spending about an hour with them,
I also thought they were young.
I had to bite my tongue
and not offer them lunch money.

So, as Mr. says,
"Welcome to Pittsburgh,
where you FEEL old."

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