Sunday, January 15, 2012

Update, and advice

When I dropped my broken camera off
(on Saturday last),
the camera guy said,
"We'll look at it and give you a call this week."

I called Friday.
Just to check.
Because they hadn't called me.

The guy said,
"Our technician has been out all week,
we'll give you a call next week."

Do you think he's stalling?
Should I pick up my camera?

Should I take a chance 
and call the credit card company 
to get a refund on the charges?


This is making me really crazy!


  1. Oh Michelle, that sucks. I would probably wait a few days and see if the tech was actually out and that they might get back to you. But after this week if nothing happens then I would call the credit card company and get the camera back.

  2. I would ask to speak with the owner. If that is who you are dealing with, then you may have to go ahead and file in small claims court. This is so sad that you are having to deal with this!

    Here is a pic of Aaron Klein (owner):
    Is this the guy you are dealing with?