Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Young Adult the movie

Mr. and I like to see movies at Christmastime.
He selected Sherlock Holmes.
Good for our family.
3 out of 4 really liked it.
For me, lots of ACTION
not too much story. 

It made me wish we could pay the amount the movie was worth to us.
I paid $7 to get in.
I wished I could have paid about $4.

Then I picked Young Adult.
I liked it.
Reminds me that we are all at least 
a little "crazy". 
I know I've had my moments.
And watching Charlize Theron
reminded me of too many women I already know.

Mr. hated it.

Some comments he made:

The best thing about this movie was the popcorn.

The only men in the audience are here because their wives made them come.

This is like watching how a woman's mind works on a BIG SCREEN!

This movie is terrible!

My favorite was this one:

What's the rating on this movie?  It should be rated P-U!

I was really laughing at him.

I wish I could had recorded them for you.

Honestly, we have talked about it since,
and he agrees that it isn't really a BAD movie,
but it didn't make him FEEL GOOD at the end.
It was smart,
and not afraid to tie everything up neatly at the end.
Just like real life.

On the camera:
The repair shop refuses to respond to my e-mails
or phone messages.
Or Mr.'s for that matter.
We are calm and civil.

This might get ugly.

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