Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dark, dark days

I was having a little trouble with my camera. 

It was being cranky about focusing.
I took it to a camera shop
to have it cleaned.
I was told it needed a part,
and I was charged $200.

Mr. picked it up,
and I gleefully snapped photos.

I took about 4.

Then the camera stopped working.
I tried charging the battery.
I tried changing the battery.

The camera shop says it is a battery issue.

I think not.

I have sent a strongly worded e-mail
demanding a full refund 
a repair.

Even so, 
it won't happen in time for Christmas.

So, guess what?
No more pictures for me.

Not even on Christmas.

it is hard for me to imagine a 
Merry Christmas 
photographic proof.

It's a dark, dark day here.

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