Friday, December 9, 2011

Kentuck Knob

If you go to Fallingwater,
you are only 7 miles from Kentuck Knob.
So, you should go.

In between, we had lunch at the Nemacolin.


Kentuck Knob was also designed
by Frank Lloyd Wright.

It is owned by Lord Palumbo
from England.

Look at his cutie post box.

He has lots of English art peppered
around the property.

I love it.
The red is so cheerful!
And the sisters had never seen a phone booth.

I loved this apple.
Reminded me of Spoonbridge and Cherry.

We had some fun with it.

Uh, yeah.
The photographer forgot to line up my hand
with the BOTTOM of the apple.
Despite the coaching.

I guess you get what you pay for.

Grandma got a hand-knit cowl
from me
to keep her warm.

It's my first mobius.

Frank Lloyd Wright's signature

Our whole gang with the tour guide
(me, behind the camera)

Open skylights...
for wind!

Back porch

Nice view of the property

Those hills are gorgeous.

Mr. looked so handsome too.

Back of the house

Front, where the driveway is.

I preferred this house.
It was livable.
I wish we could photograph the inside.
I especially loved the curated desk
full of Lord Palumbo's sharpened pencils
engraved with 
"House of Lords" on them.

I could write some lovely letters from that desk,
with those pencils,
and that view.

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