Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

We took Grandma and Grandpa to Fallingwater.

First there is a delightful walk through the woods.

It was a lovely fall day.
I especially loved the moss, 
which seemed SO green.

Rhododendrons were everywhere.
I got really excited.
Recalling our house in Massachusetts,
I decided we should return in May.
The blooms would be outstanding.

I asked a guide to confirm the bloom time.
These are NATIVE,
so they bloom later.
I'll be at the cottage
and will miss it.

I noticed the heart-shaped moss on the tree.

The walk is intended to introduce you to the sound of water.

You can hear it before you see it.

This river was small, 

We imagined it would be super dangerous
during the spring rains.

I got really close and made MR. nervous.

I just want to point out, so far in EVERY picture
not in bloom.

Plan your trip in July, 
it will be TOTALLY worth it.

I didn't bring my tripod.

The water eroded little holes in the rock.
We watched them for a while.
The play of the water over the rocks
was better than cable.

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