Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.
We played SMEAR.

And saw the view from Mount Washington,
from there you can see where the
 Monhongahela River 
and the Allegheny River
meet to form the mighty Ohio River.

(See the castle in the background?  It's the PPG Building.)

Then we went to the Frick,
which is hosting a Faberge exhibit.
Go if you can (no photos allowed).
It's full of lovely everyday items,
like a match striker.
I didn't even know they existed!

Helen Clay Frick decided to build an art museum in her back garden.
Behind the playhouse, conservatory, and garage.
Then she gave it to the city.
I love her for it.

The conservatory has this beautiful stag horn fern.
I would covet it,
but I know they are a labor of love,
and I don't love them enough.

But it looks super cool, right?!

Veggies are grown inside for the on-site restaurant to serve.
But they grow lovely things as well.

I loved the line of bare trees,
and wispy clouds,
and that beautiful green house.
Be still, my beating heart!

For fun, we lunched at Primanti Brothers.

Dang it!  I do love that PPG Building!

Then we went into the miniature but 
SUPER CUTIE import store,
where Grandma wanted to buy me something and offered many times,
but forgot that she had't brought her wallet. 
HA!  Would have been funny if I had taken her up on it!

I bought a cappuccino, and I bought her a chai.
The line was LOOONG,
but it was so fun to look around.

Grandma was amused that this tree 
was hanging on the side of a building
so we took her photo.

Grandpa thought it was silly,
and refused to pose with her.
Boo on Grandpa.

It could have been her Christmas card photo!

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