Saturday, December 17, 2011

Phipps Conservatory of Pittsburgh

The gem in Pittsburgh's crown is the Phipps.

When you come upon it, 
it glows a lovely yellow-white.

The door is cheerfully flanked by towering firs
covered in multi-colored lights,
which I usually regard as tacky,
but not here.

 We toured at night,
and it was illuminated primarily with candles.
How romantic!

3,000 poinsettias were featured.
I didn't count them; I just took their word for it.

My camera is in the shop,
getting gussied up for Christmas, 
so I used Sister Too's point and shoot.
Sorry they are a bit blurry.

Sister took this shot of an orchid.

Nutcracker is the theme for this year.
Sister posed in front of the Chinese tree.
Chopsticks and paper dragons adorned the limbs.

OMG! I totally love this euphorbia wreath.
Santa, are you listening?

We loved the charming little village
featuring model E trains rushing along.

Live Christmas music!  
I loved the bassoon.

My favorite:

 This tree is suspended in a pond!
The reflection was so sharp, we wondered if it was a mirror.

Can you see where the tree ends and the reflection begins?

Go to the Phipps Conservatory.
We did.
It was so impressive,
we left as members.
I hope to return this week.
With my repaired camera.

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