Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekend fun

We went to a craft show.
And saw some fun things.
Like this:

We weren't sure who this was.
Sister Too was nervous.

I LOVE seeing Mr. with his daughters.
He is their first love, and they adore him.
So do I.

I really hope they marry 
someone JUST like him.

Do you know he makes the bed EVERY day
because it is important to me?

I love that Sister reads the comics
and has her first vanilla latte.

Mr. is fancy
with his pinky.


So far, this coffee shop in Bakery Square is my favorite
in all of Pittsburgh.
Mochas that are not too sweet.
They use real cocoa,
not syrup.

Window shopping

For inspiration:

Spray painted plastic spoons
inserted into styrofoam balls.


of course.

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