Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Surprise...and not the happy kind

A few nights ago I decided to bake Mr.'s favorite cookies
with a twist.

Oatmeal chocolate chip coconut and walnut cookies.


One must have fallen on the floor,
for the next morning Mr. picked it up.

But it looked suspiciously...

Cue the panic attack.
Mrs. does NOT like rodents
of ANY kind.
Not even hamsters.

Just to be on the safe side,
I put out some traps.  

And I mean business.

Did you know Ortho has some new rodent control?
Me neither.
But I bought the Home Defense MAX
because that was how I feel.
I want to defend my home to the MAX.

I baited it with peanut butter
(original, I know).

And to my absolute horror...
I caught a mouse!

The design of the new trap is to give you a handle
so you don't have to get too close 
to dispose of the enemy.

I designed my life to have Mr.
and he thoughtfully did it for me.

The mystery is
I have cleaned this house like crazy
because I am having 12 ladies over tonight.

I have not found ANY evidence at all of a mouse.
I even mopped under and behind the fridge.

Let's hope he's a loner.
But he's probably not.

I told the sisters this morning at breakfast.

Exactly what I was thinking.

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