Friday, March 16, 2012


I have wanted to knit socks
for about 10 years.

I even bought sock yarn.

Good thing it isn't wool, 
or the moths would have had a feast!

I finally decided to knit up that yarn 
(now that I am an Amy's Sock Class Grad).

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough to make a second!

I knitted anyway,
and patched the rest of the sock together 
with lovely scraps from other projects.

The pair...
with an OBVIOUS right and left sock.

When you wear them with shoes,
the patchy sock will not be obvious.

They're a Christmas gift,
for the only person I know
who would appreciate them.  

Luckily, though she might be my biggest fan,
she never reads the blog!


  1. I was hoping they were for me, until you said she never reads the blog. Oh well.