Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Scenes

This kid could work as a Gap model.

These yellow jacket wasps give 
bees a bad name! 

They are so aggressive and everyone always says they were stung by a bee.

They love donuts!

Sister's shoes, 
decorated by herself,
and her favorite "pair" of socks.

The old lunch box I had BIG plans for...
sewing kit,
travel crafts,

I lost it in the auction.


 We were treated to a blacksmith demo.

Cowboy Doug is a farrier.

I thought he drove a boat.

Umm, no.  
He makes horseshoes,
and installs them on the horse too!

He can do lots of things.

This is a coat hanger.
The top is fancy and looks like a longhorn steer.
The very same one who would have gored my little dog.

Sister Too played a private concert
for two patient Amish ladies,
who forgave her for her squeaks,
and cheered her efforts.

The bunny in the cage was also in the auction.  

Sister Too begged.
And begged.
Alas, Bunny went to another loving home.

We didn't have room for it in the car.

And Mr. was firm.

Yay Mr.!

Don't worry,
they're still friends.

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