Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I declare:  
There is too much electronic activity in our house.

We need a nature break.

Of course, the sisters disagreed.

BUT, Mr. voted with me.

We took a nature walk.

Not just ANY nature walk.

We went letter boxing!

Step 1:  Google letter boxing and find a letterbox near where you will be.
Step 2: Print the directions to FIND the letterbox.
Step 3: Pack your pen, a stamp that represents you, an ink pad, and a small notebook. 
 Water is a great idea as Sister Too predicted she would die of thirst.
Our hike was longer than we anticipated, and it was hotter than we thought.

You may even want to pack a snack.
Food tastes better when you are outdoors.

Step 4:  Hike, following the directions carefully.

Step 5:  Look, look, look, re-read the directions and find:

A letterbox!  
This is our first.

It's special.
Appears to be an Altoids tin wrapped in camouflage duct tape.

Inside is a tiny notebook wrapped in plastic.
And a hand-carved stamp.
Stamp your stamp into the notebook leaving the date and where you are from.

Take the stamp inside and stamp your small notebook.
It's like a trade.

so someone else can letterbox too.

Here's our second box:

and our third:

This is a SUPER FUN way to get out and enjoy nature!

Plus, you get a souvenir when you are done 
(a collection of stamps in your notebook).
It's a great way to have something affordable (free!) to do on vacation,
as letterboxes are all over the US.
And, you can even make a letterbox of your own to hide.

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