Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wake up!

I'll bet you woke today with an alarm.

I woke with Mr.
yelling Sister's name
at 5AM.

Apparently, Sister used the bathroom as Mr. 
was brushing his teeth
and getting ready to start the day.

Then, somehow,
the toilet overflowed.

And in her teenager way,
she shrugged and went back to bed
while Mr. stood in inches of water in the bathroom.

Naturally I lept from my comfy bed,
eye still glued shut in sleep
and piled on the old towels.

I am the only one who knows their *secret* hiding place
on the floor of the linen closet
right outside the bathroom door.

In my house, 
I could give those directions
to a person standing in front of the linen closet
and then, they would say,

No joke.

People in my house have terrible vision problems
that even an eye doctor can't correct.

guess who's doing laundry today.


Nice when the day sets its own agenda.

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