Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rainbow bookshelves

We love books.
And I have struggled to arrange them beautifully.

Like all the decorators do.

I am not a decorator.

What?  Mrs.  but your house is so lovely (HA!)
I had no idea you didn't have a decorating cell in your body.

I went through the phase of covering all the books in brown paper.

It was so soothing.
And ridiculous.

Because we actually READ our books.
And sometimes, we even RE-READ them.

In this house, I decided to try the rainbow style of books.

It is pretty.


And, just so you know I am still not the decorator,
here are the rest of the books,
totally un-catagorized by color.

When you come to visit, avert your eyes to these bookshelves.

And focus on the rainbow.

If you find that too hard,
I will just ply you with some really good hot chocolate 
and some gossip.

Then you'll forget my bookshelves.
And that I am decorating-challenged.

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