Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Apple Butter

Farms are beautiful.
And romantic.
Looking at this view I always think:
I'd like a farm like this.

But then I think: 
who would mow it?

And I know I am no farmer.

I was loving these cows.

They are eating the apple peels.

They sure are pretty...

Don't forget about that apple butter.
I said it needs CONSTANT stirring.

These cattle are Longhorns.
Because of their long horns.

We could usually scare them away with our cameras.
They are shy.

We walked right in,

And they began to trot close, and I thought we had made friends.

Turns out, they didn't like the dog.

If our little Gus had taken one step the wrong way,
he's have been wearing one of those horns.

And not in a nice way.

Luckily we (and the dog) were all fine,
and I got some close-up photos of the cows. 

They're pretty, but mean.
Sort of like cheerleaders in high school movies.

Eventually the apple butter is done.

Mmm, smells so good.

I thought  it best to let Farmer Sue jar our apple butter.
No sense in TWO of us getting sticky and burned fingers.

I think it's pretty cool to visit Farmer Sue.
She gives the best party favors!

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  1. I would love to live on that farm! How did you get invited to such a cool event?